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Need a Folding Cart with Wheels?

This is no ordinary Folding Cart with Wheels!

Our folding cart with wheels has 8" flat-free wheels specifically selected by Rhino Tuff Tools for high performance - able to handle rough terrain while keeping the cart extremely stable while ensuring you will never have a flat tire to worry about.

This is a heavy duty folding cart with wheels - not the run of the mill!  Made of metal not plastic and able to hold up to 400 pounds with powder coated aluminum trays that are scratch resistant and easy to clean.  Plus the double-locking casters ensure the cart performs extremely well as a work platform. Click here to read answers to frequently asked questions about our incredibly versatile cart.

Other collapsible carts are unusable and cumbersome in the collapsed position. Often, the user has to to carry these other carts when collapsed. In contrast, the Rhino Tuff Tools’ Collapsible Cart excels as a small hand truck in the collapsed position.

Our Outdoor model is designed for outdoor use and our Indoor model has softer casters that roll almost silently for use in quiet environments like hospitals, schools, hotels, and many other places.

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We proudly construct our carts in the United States. We’re committed to excellent customer service, so we always ship within a day of receiving your payment.  Click here to read real reviews from just a few of our many happy customers!

If you are looking for a folding cart with wheels that is portable, durable and versatile, consider our Outdoor or Indoor Collapsible Cart models by Rhino Tuff Tools, a Veteran Owned company building the best folding utility carts in North Idaho.

We have carts in stock and ready to ship!  You may purchase our carts using PayPal through the store link below and/or you can always call us at (800) 308-8009 to pay with a credit card.


Get the Original Collapsible Utility Cart by Rhino Tuff Tools!

Join the many satisfied Rhino Tuff Tools customers including the military, federal agencies, mechanics, electricians, hospitals, the film industry, storm chasers, and even wedding caterers to name a few.  Wedding caterers have called and told us how stable our cart is and how much it is trusted to handle very pricey wedding cakes rolling over rough terrain. (Now, that's a use we never considered when building carts thinking only of the Trades!).  Click here to review the operating instructions and see how easy it is to raise and lower our folding cart with wheels.

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